Excellent products and services

Increase your business value

Reliable and trustworthy

Market Development

JSW Asset has years of experience in international trading and expertise in the global marketplace to serve your needs. Aiming to be “The trusted business partner”, we understand your goals and objective and are able to offer quality products with supply chain management to help you achieve those goals.

With the dedication to become the best in all business endeavors, JSW Asset provides a diverse range of products to fulfill each customer’s needs. Our product lineup has a strong background in Health&Beauty, Supplemental, and Consumer Products.

Brand and Product Management

As well as holding outstanding relationships with all the major retailers, we have an in-depth understanding of the Thai health & beauty market, built up over 10 years, and can help you reach consumers through a mix of traditional and contemporary marketing initiatives.

International Trade

The wide array of JSW Asset’s products covers three categories. You are assured of the highest product quality in a range designed to meet the demand of the most discerning markets.

In addition to superior-quality products in every category, JSW Asset offers you complete services including Sea and Air Freight Arrangements, International Sourcing and Trade Document Services for both Import and Export Distribution designed to meet the demand of the markets.

We focus our efforts on the issues that are crucial to our clients’ future and performance.